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  • How COVID 19 affected me!

    How COVID 19 affected me!

    COVID 19 for me was a challenge. At the end of October, it was time to update the website with a different and “new to me” website hosting company. This process was going to take some time to change from one to the other, mainly because I wanted to do it myself. As is usual, […]

  • Does your Lifestyle type need a label?

      The current trend in the lifestyle type or genre is the Swedish “Lagom” meaning “Just the right amount”. Before this, it was the cozy, comfortable Danish “Hygge”. So the question is, does your lifestyle type need a label? Your lifestyle type is? Take some time and write down a few words to describe what […]

  • Living Abroad in Boquete, Panama

    In the fall of 2017, my husband I traveled from Northern Ontario, Canada to Boquete, Panama for almost a month stay. We were exploring the opportunity of living abroad in Boquete, Panama for an extended period of time.