While living in Boquete, Panama I purchased a drop leaf table. I needed a table to sew and do crafts on and double as a computer table as well but didn’t want to waste space when I was not sewing. We lived in a small cabin that was 650 square feet so you had to choose wisely and have more than one use for any item.

Why this drop leaf table worked

In the past, I had used a butterfly table, which has a section tucked inside that folds out. It was really great for convenience.  I also had at one time a dropleaf table where the sides fold down when not in use. I figured any version of this would work.

Now, if I was at home in Canada I would have first checked out second-hand stores or consignment shops and even antique stores. In Boquete, Panama where we were living at the time, the only places were consignment shops.  These places were well out of the price range I wanted to invest in the table.

Mahogany coloured table, with drop leaf that expands to double in size
Drop leaf table

Online to search for a butterfly or drop leaf table

I covered the usual places online: 1)Walmart, 2) Wayfair, 3) Target 4) Ikea, and of course 5) Amazon.

Most of these stores had versions of a drop leaf table but none had a butterfly table.

My guidelines for choosing a table

My guidelines for choosing a table were as follows

  • -40 to 50 ” wide by 20″ deep x 2 (40″ when opened up).
  • -28″ in height for comfort when working at the table.
  • -Easy to manage me.
  • -Easy to build when it arrived, so not many tools because we had the basics.
  • -The colour was irrelevant.
  • -A drawer would be a nice extra.
  • -Could I get it shipped to Panama

Most tables were 30″ high which as a 5-foot tall woman, it is too high to sit and work at. You feel like your elbows are up around your ears. I found that 28 to 28.5 inches were best. Many were not wide enough. Other options were to attach to a wall. It was not our home so in this case, was not an option.

What was the final choice?

In the end, I choose a drop leaf table from Amazon. Here’s why…

  • -First off this is a really nice colour that will blend in with the most decor.
  • -This is the closed version of the table from Amazon.
  • -There is a drawer in the front section of the table.
  • -It is 42″ x 20″ (closed) 40″ (open).
  • -Set up was easy and only required a screwdriver and came with the hex wrench that was needed. All washers screws and plugs are included.
  • -The finish is smooth and satin
  • -Lots of legroom and space for a chair

Last but certainly not least is that I did not require chairs to go with this table. They are available and do come as a set. Check them out here. The chairs shown in the set are different than the two shown to give you an idea of availability.   

The positives about the table

  • 1) it is heavy enough to not be tippy
  • 2) finish and general workmanship are good to excellent. The finish is smooth and unmarked on outer edges. Found a dent on the underside of tabletop but to me, that doesn’t matter
  • 3) the assembling of the table was the same as any other DIY furniture. I found pre-screwing the holes helped the construction process go together fairly uneventfully.
  • 4) Although the legs that support the drop section were stiff at first, they did loosen up after a few uses.
  • 5) The drawer for me is definitely an asset. This was going to be my sewing/crafting table so having a place for scissors pins pencils etc was a bonus.
  • 6) Price point. For what you are paying this product is good

Negatives about the table

There were 30 reviews for this table 28 gave 4 to 5 stars and 2 gave 2 or less.

  • 1) The product did arrive at some customers with finish scratched and dents in the wood.
  • 2) holes were not in line with the holes that the screw needs to go into.
  • 3) Predrilled holes were sometimes drilled too large on the wrong piece and too small on other pieces.
  • 4) General overall poor quality

My recommendation

If you are looking for a very nice looking, smooth table this is it. I found the product arrived on time, in good shape, with all parts and easy to follow instructions. Assembly was easily completed.

The height of the table and the legroom when sitting are very good. It is easy to open up and close up smaller.

The cost is reasonable. This looks like a high-end table but without the price.

This is truly more than one use kind of table. It could even be used to sit extra people during a family gathering.

I recommend this table. It would be a sensible investment.

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