I thought that to start writing a blog to make money might just be what I needed. This was something that I contemplated for many years and even went as far as to start the setup 2 1/2 years ago.

This was going to be a side hustle to make a few dollars but it became more. It became obsessive. Check out “Blog Building one step at a time” for the story.

I knew to learn the”Blogging World” was going to be a straight-up curve but I also knew the technical aspect would be more challenging. Writing posts, learning social media, and exploring the world of monetizing are all time-consuming. Even though the experience was not something I had done a lot with, I was pumped to start writing a blog to make some money.

What do you do to start writing a blog?

I had no idea what I needed to do to start a blog but I think I had more questions than answers.

So how do you start writing a blog to make some money? What is required to set it up? Where can resources be found? Am I able to do it myself? Isn’t the market for blogs flooded? I had no answer

There had to be answers found to these questions.

Is a blog a viable option as an online job?

From searching Google, social media, and reading many free reports from blog owners the short answer is most definitely. Research shows that everyone is in agreement that it is not a walk in the park but viable. Starting a blog to make money requires some effort but is very doable.

Isn’t the market flooded to start writing a blog?

The market is not flooded. There is plenty of room to start writing a blog to make money because there are so many niches. People are always online doing research, buying, doing their finances, or sourcing products. There are many niches there to fill those needs. This means you could easily start writing a blog to make money in a variety of niches.

Are there resources to help a “newbie, know nothing person set up a blog?

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People that are technically inclined would probably love to set up their own blog and be quite competent but even newbies can do it on their own. As a fairly new blogger that is not a very technical person at all, I was able to set up with Bluehost and start my blog. I am very pleased with Bluehost and would recommend using them. Their system is an easy step by step set up.

Reading as much as possible from as many different sources to absorb as much information from them as possible is the best way to learn.

Do Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have resources for learning their systems?

There are many, many resources to help you learn about the nuances of social media. Pinterest alone can assist in learning about all of the social media. Facebook has group pages for offering assistance and there are many resources out there that are no cost, low cost, and not quite a low cost. Whether free or purchased, all e-books, are a wealth of “nuggets” of information.

Could I make money from having a blog?

Yes, most definitely because there are many ways to monetize your website. Affiliate links, ebooks, e-courses, selling digital products, or providing a service are a few options that allow you to be as creative as you want to be.

Once you start reading and researching you will see that it depends on your own effort to determine if you will succeed because it will be up to you.

How much would it cost me to start writing a blog?

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Start writing a blog

Getting started can be as little or as much as you want as it is hard to put a dollar value on it because everyone’s idea of what is required is different. You would have to obtain the basic hosting service, get a web presence and any other things you deem necessary. It doesn’t have to cost a lot in the beginning.

There are other plugins, apps and learning ebooks/ courses that are well worth the cost. You will find the cost is more than worth the investments and would rather try them than not.

Glad I took the leap

By no means am I ready to start this blog but here it is. There are many many things that need improvement but that will take time plus there are many things to still learn so that too will take time. The blog as of now is viable and so the process will improve and continue to grow.

Making the decision to start blogging as I have done is one I recommend, so come on board.

The learning curve is still straight up, but I keep going and I don’t regret taking this step at all. The decision to start a blog to make some money has proven to me that you are never too old to learn more complex tasks.

Now to keep on keepin’ on and get it done.

  1. Thank you for the encouragement. It is good to know that the effort will eventually pay off. Sometimes starting out with blogging can be quite discouraging, but starting any business is. It takes consistency and patience.

    • It most definitely does take consistency and patience but it is worth it. The biggest thing for me is that nothing is written in stone. You can go at your on pace, work as much as you want to and eventually be successful.

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