Welcome to my space where I will make a blog for me! MY blog will be homduzit.com with the tag line “Keeping life simple”.

Making a blog happen

Keeping life Simple

The process of taking time for nature, time for family, most important time for self. I have been able to make a blog happen to share this. Join me on my journey.

How did I make a blog happen

Homduzit or the longer version “Home Does It”, came to be when I was laid off, after working for a number of years. This whole idea started quite a few years ago now. I was in a quandary because as a single parent I needed to be able to provide for my children. The opportunity to develop and make a blog happen, plus live off the earnings was there staring me in the face and it was something I believed I  could do.  Or so I thought. I was so naive. I had absolutely no skills to develop a blog, let alone monetize it too. Most of my past employment didn’t require a lot of computer knowledge because they used their own program so my knowledge was seriously lacking. This process was so frustrating. I had to google and research everything making each step take a long time. I was still looking for employment while doing this and soon started a new job. The idea to make a blog happen got put on the back burner but notforgotten. From time to time I would putter away at learning and setting up the webpage to the point that it had the possibility of reality. Fast forward to retirement, more time on my hands, and this blog is up and running.  It was made possible because I wanted to keep learning in my retirement years so I took a few courses and have continued with the learning even now. I celebrate the accomplishment of knowing there is a ton more work to do but my website is up and running and functional.

What happens next?

This blog is only one of many topics you will find here. I will share about travel, nature, diy stuff and anything else including being an empty nester and anything that is related to simplifying life. I hope you will enjoy sharing Homduzit!

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