Oh my! It’s actually happening!! It has taken me many months to finally get to this place, but I’m here!! Blog building one step at a time has been worth it.

Life also got in the way. I had a major accident and recovered from that. Then my husband and I moved from Canada to Panama. We sold, gave away, and downsized our way to Panama. That’s a blog or two for another day.

Setting up the mechanics of a website has been an experience. Research, reading how to do information, trial and error on repeat worked. Blog building one step at a time was the easiest way to do it.

I am not the least bit techy. This process has been stalled many times through the frustration of not understanding the nuances required to get everything set up.

Is this blog 100% done yet? Not by any means but it is ready enough to get going and add to it and fine-tune as I go.

A blog to write

How often I would dream of being my own boss. It has been two years of lots and lots of self-talk to jump in both feet. Now I am going to do it!

Writing a blog and working from home will provide me with “sanity”. This is much needed at this point in my life. I had been working crazy hours in retail. Working in retail is not the most stress-free or healthy environment.

Now, however, I just think it is good common sense to work for oneself. You can manage life as you see fit with no more reporting to people that really are not interested in you or what you do. Being your own boss means generating your own amount of income. JOB stands for “Just Over Broke.”

Disclaimer – Some of the links in this post may include affiliate links. This means that I get a commission if you purchase through my link at NO EXTRA COST to you.      

Skills to offer

I am a Canadian, 60 something woman, married with 4 grown children. I’m a people person, with a skill set that has seen me accomplish a mixed bag of experiences.

Family, my health, fitness, growing and eating more organic type food and exploring my current place I call home, and crafting are my interests.

My main skill set over the years has been that of “planner”. I have an aptitude for constructing things, do it yourself renovating or building a patio.

These skills will be an asset in running a blog and the variety of ways one can monetize the blog.

Interests to share

I have been across Canada and parts of the United States, to Cuba, and Mexico.

Currently, I live in Panama with the hope of exploring Central and South America in the next couple of years. I would love to share the process of traveling from country to country, all the requirements to do so, the experiences of living day to day with the residents of the country, exploring the wonders and natural marvels in all the different countries.

This lifestyle blog will let me share my experiences and use my expertise to help others. People like me, that can help themselves and their family, in the way they want to not just how they can afford to I think of this blog as an adventure not so much as a job for income. I want to be able to travel and explore my world.

I look forward to working towards a kind of lifestyle for myself and my husband that lets us live and take part in activities that we want to.

As the saying goes “take the road less traveled”, and see where it takes you. I will be! Why don’t you join me!

  1. Your step by step guide is very helpful to loss some weight. I set my goal for weight loss but still not get any perfect result. Now I will stop eating outside and do proper exercise. If needed I will go for weight loss products or supplements. Now I know that doing all this exercise was really great for toning and continuing to lose weight.

  2. This post is highly motivating. Using your life experience made absolutely convincing making it very clear that every goal is achievable. The resilience that was portrayed is so amazing and the pictures are so explanative. Now I believe more that if you can break, I can as well. Good luck!

  3. Congratulations on the huge step of moving to Panama!  I can’t wait to see more blogs about your travels in the Americas around there. I truly hope to see a lot more pictures of the area!  I have book marked your blog to follow you on this exciting journey. What took you from Canada all the way to Panama?  I certainly wish you all the best!

    • Thanks, We choose Panama because it is tropical and small and is not affected by the hurricanes because the country is so far south – only 8 degrees from the equator.  

  4. Hi Lovey,

    We’re almost alike, I’m almost 60 but still enjoying my full time job.

    It’s not the work, but the travel to work that bothers me a lot, especially in winter.

    Like you, I am slowly building my website, hopefully to have something to keep me busy with, with monetary rewards when I finally retire.

    I would like to retire in 2-3 years time and hoping that by then my website has sustainable income.

    I’m excited to follow your blog.

    You have lots of experiences that I can learn from.

    Good luck,


  5. Thank you for your post. It is interesting that you share your personal experience with us.

    Like you, I have no any knowledge in computer. It is scare experience to start blog. I have limited fund and have to do everything myself. You are absolutely right that blog is one step at a time. Of course, first we need to set up the home for our blog, then we need to have detailed plan to ensure that we have something interesting to tell.

    It is amazing that you have such a rich experience from so many different and I am sure that you are going to have a lot of interesting story to tell.

    I look forward to your stories. 

    • Anthony thanks for viewing the blog.

      You are in a very good spot at Wealthy Affiliate. The training will literally walk you through each step. My recommendation to you is to get involved in the sharing boards and always ask a question if you can’t figure it out. There are soooo many wonderful people here that can help. Good luck

  6. Wow! Good to see you have recovered fully and you’re doing well with your website. I must say you have done a great job building this blog. You will only become more perfect as you continue to work on it. The word awaits your offers and support. We’re looking out to learn from you.

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