I’m happy to report I’m right on track with my goals set at New Years for 2019.

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Keep on Track with your New Years goals.

Are you on track with your New Years goals? I did a quick review of my New Years goals at the end of February and it shows I am still on track with eating healthy, getting exercise and my weight and inches are still going down.

As I mentioned in my 2019 News Years blog, the top three goals that people set year after year are 1) save money 2) getting more exercise / being more active and 3) healthy eating.

2019 New Years goals

For 2019, I am focused on the following 3 goals; 1) Affirmations and meditation 2) Exercise more by still walking but also do yoga and 3) Continue healthy eating because there is always room for improvement.

Affirmations and meditation

I continue to practice being thankful and practice positive thoughts. Meditation is something I am new at and find it to be peaceful and relaxing

Healthy Eating

The second goal was healthy eating. I found I had been a lot stricter with my diet before the holidays and needed to get back on track.

goals for newyears
fresh food at the market

Before the Christmas season, I had worked hard at reducing gluten, sugar, and additives from my diet and found I was not so achy plus had way more energy. I had been following the Keto diet with great success up until Christmas.

This is one of those diets that has a lot of pros and cons and is fairly popular right now.

There are numerous programs that walk you through the process of learning how to do the Keto diet. Many come with one or all of the following; 1) a grocery list, 2) meal plans, 3) recipes, 4) snacks, 5) support component.

Keep on exercising

weight loss
Weight loss

I continue to walk each day but some days here in Panama the wind is so strong that this is a significant effort. The sun always shines at this time of year so that is a bonus.

I was doing yoga too but classes got cancelled until further notice. This means looking for other options, but in the meantime, it’s back to using the ones online.

Easy exercise at the resort

At the end of January, I attended a destination wedding in Mexico. Being on the keto diet was very easy to keep up within all the eating venues.

The resort we stayed at was the “Grand Palladium Vallarta Spa and Resort”. It was exquisite and I will write and share about that in another blog.

There were lots of extras, lots of pools, and lots of activities around the pools and down on the beach.

This was great for walking and doing other fun activities. I walked the beach several times a day, swam in the pools and the ocean and even learned how to Boogie board. That was a blast!

Exercise in Mexico
the beach in Puerto Vallarta

Doing all this exercise was really great for toning and continuing to lose weight.

I am pleased that I am continuing to make positive progress and success in achieving my goals.

Assess where you are at

Take the time for yourself to assess where you are at with your New Years goals. Ask yourself 1) Am I still working on my goals 2) If yes congratulations. Keep at it. 3) If no, what can I do to get back on track? Keeping on track can be very difficult but not the end of the world. Restart, feel great that you did restart and keep on “Keepin’ On”.

You got this!

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Carla Laporte
Carla Laporte
2020-02-17 11:42 AM

Great article! Keeping New Years resolutions passed January can be a challenge. I try to make specific goals for myself instead of broad resolutions that I’ll never keep. Good for you to make so many positive changes. Did you find it hard to switch to a keto diet? I found it hard to find recipes my whole family will eat. My kids are so picky. 

Success Business Online
Success Business Online
2020-02-17 9:41 AM

It’s an interesting article on tracking new year goals.

The truth is many people set great goals at the beginning of the year but few people stick to their goals to see it through.

I like the part on healthy eating as good diet is a way to generate good health .  

For measure our goals and keep track of our progress, it is still best that we keep a journal to record our growth throughout the whole year. Do you agree with me?

2020-02-16 8:53 PM

Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on our New year goals and find it very helpful for everyone like me. Now I am really out of track. Searching for info to come back on my daily goal track. I found very very useful info here to come back on track. Soon I will start writing my goal and hope I will complete them while doing affirmation and meditation. Now I am very much aware about affirmation. Thanks for sharing such useful guide.