Month: April 2019

  • 8 Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to consider

    Mother’s day is fast approaching so it is time to celebrate moms and all that they represent. Do you need some mother’s day gift ideas? Mom’s are everywhere, including me. I have four beautiful children that are now adults to show for it. I’m a mom too! I vividly remember each one of my children […]

  • Drop leaf table product review

    In the past, I had used a butterfly table, which has a section tucked inside that folds out. It was really great for convenience.  I also had at one time a drop leaf table where the sides fold down when not in use. I figured any version of this would work.

  • Gift Ideas for Easter

    Here are 25 gift ideas for Easter gift giving if that is one of your traditions. When I was growing up Easter always was a signal that summer was coming and it is usually warmer weather, the birds are back, and the critters are out of hibernation.